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1. The deep-sea collection of polymetallic nodules from the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ) in the eastern North Pacific Ocean presents ethical considerations and opportunities for the industry. These considerations include harm to sea life, recovery time, indigenous rights, animal rights, and intrinsic values.

2. Stakeholders involved in the nodule-collection industry include direct actors, ocean conservationists, companies, communities, interest groups, nations, and citizens globally. The article emphasizes the importance of incorporating ethics into strategic objective setting, engineering design optimization, commitments to stakeholders, democratization of governance, and fostering circular economies.

3. The International Seabed Authority is called upon to establish equitable and transparent distribution of royalties and gains from nodule collection. The article also highlights the need for collaboration among scientists, economists, and experts from various fields to optimize deep-sea mineral extraction for both humans and nature. Embracing ethical opportunities in this nascent industry can set an example for industrial-scale activities on land and sea and contribute to a sustainable future.

Article analysis:

这篇文章探讨了在深海收集多金属结核体(polymetallic nodules)时存在的伦理问题和机会。然而,文章存在一些潜在的偏见和不足之处。