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1. TradesViz has launched a feature that allows traders to add custom stats to their trades and trading days, enabling qualitative data to be used for quantitative analysis.

2. The "Plan Analysis" tab under the Overview section on the dashboard allows traders to view statistics and tables about either day or trade plans, including a Plans Summary Grid, Plan-specific Checkbox Analysis Grid, and Plan-specific Trades Grouped Grid.

3. Traders can create their own numeric stat or categories using the pivot grid feature of TradesViz, making it as flexible as an excel sheet with unlimited scope for customization.

Article analysis:

The article discusses a new feature on TradesViz that allows traders to add custom plans and analyze their trading data using qualitative information. The author explains how the feature works and provides examples of the different tables and statistics available for analysis. However, the article is heavily biased towards promoting TradesViz as the best journaling solution for traders, without acknowledging any potential drawbacks or limitations.

One-sided reporting is evident in the article's failure to mention any competing journaling solutions or alternative methods for analyzing trading data. The author also makes unsupported claims about TradesViz being the only journaling solution with true flexibility and analytics prowess, without providing evidence to support these claims.

Missing points of consideration include potential risks associated with relying solely on qualitative information for trading decisions, as well as the possibility of human error in inputting data into the system. Unexplored counterarguments could include concerns about privacy and security when storing sensitive trading data on an online platform.

Promotional content is evident throughout the article, with multiple links to other TradesViz blog posts and videos promoting various features of the platform. The author also uses language such as "extremely useful" and "unlimited scope for customization" to promote TradesViz as a superior journaling solution.

Partiality is evident in the article's failure to present both sides equally, focusing solely on the benefits of using TradesViz without acknowledging any potential drawbacks or limitations. This lack of balance undermines the credibility of the article and suggests a bias towards promoting TradesViz rather than providing objective information.

Overall, while the article provides useful information about a new feature on TradesViz, its heavy bias towards promoting the platform without acknowledging any potential drawbacks or limitations undermines its credibility as an objective source of information.