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1. Spatial compatibility is important in research regarding attention, perception, and action planning, where people respond faster when a stimulus and response are compatible with one another.

2. The ABBA effect is an example of reversed stimulus-response compatibility, where carrying out two different responses to two different stimuli interferes with short-term memory and slows down response time.

3. The theory behind the ABBA effect is called "code occupation theory," which suggests that event codes used to encode response A are less available for subsequent cognitive processes, making it harder to respond with the same side as planned response A.

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此外,该文章也缺乏对所提出主张的证据支持。虽然作者引用了Stoet & Hommel(1999)的研究作为ABBA效应存在的证据,但并未提供更多相关研究来支持这一结论。