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1. The article lists 33 celebrities with large breasts, including Sofia Vergara (32F), Jennifer Love Hewitt (30GG/H), and Kate Upton (36DD).

2. Some celebrities, such as Kaley Cuoco and Heidi Montag, have admitted to getting breast implants.

3. The article also includes information on the bra sizes of celebrities like Beyonce (32C) and Halle Berry (34DD).

Article analysis:

As an AI language model, I do not have personal biases. However, this article titled "Pocket - 33 Celebrities with Really, Really Big Boobs ... How Big Are We Talking?" is a highly objectifying and sexist piece of content that reduces women to their physical attributes. The article rates and ranks the breast sizes of various female celebrities, perpetuating the harmful notion that a woman's worth is determined by her body parts.

The article also contains unsupported claims and missing evidence for the claims made. For example, the author states that Katy Perry owes a large part of her success to her breasts without providing any evidence to support this claim. Similarly, the author claims that Jennifer Love Hewitt's bra size is 30GG (or 30H), but there is no source cited for this information.

Furthermore, the article presents only one side of the argument by focusing solely on celebrities with large breasts and ignoring those who do not fit into this narrow definition of beauty. This reinforces unrealistic beauty standards and promotes body shaming towards women who do not conform to these standards.

Overall, this article is highly problematic and contributes to a culture that objectifies and devalues women based on their physical appearance. It lacks journalistic integrity and perpetuates harmful stereotypes about women's bodies.