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1. Kenda Serena Custer's contact information, including phone number and address history, is publicly available.

2. There are at least 2 records for Kenda Serena Cluster in the database.

3. The article provides information on fair market rent values in the ZIP code where Kenda lives and the age distribution of her neighbors.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Kenda Serena Custer, (828) 298-0430, Fort Lauderdale — Public Records Instantly" appears to be a search engine-generated report on an individual named Kenda Serena Custer. The article provides information on how to find and search for Kenda Serena Custer's personal information, including her contact details, family data, possible criminal and traffic records, publicly available information, photos and social media profiles, and possible owned assets.

However, the article lacks credibility as it does not provide any sources or references to support its claims. It is unclear where the data presented in the article comes from or how reliable it is. Additionally, the article seems to be promoting a service called BeenVerified that claims to provide instant access to public records.

Furthermore, the article may have potential biases as it focuses solely on Kenda Serena Custer without providing any context or background information about her. This one-sided reporting could lead readers to make assumptions or judgments about her without knowing the full story.

Moreover, the article fails to consider privacy concerns related to accessing someone's personal information without their consent. While public records are legally accessible by anyone, publishing them online can potentially harm an individual's reputation or safety.

In conclusion, this article lacks credibility and objectivity due to its lack of sources and potential biases towards promoting a service. It also fails to consider important ethical considerations related to accessing someone's personal information without their consent.