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Corporate green bonds - ScienceDirect
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1. 公司发行绿色债券可以作为公司对环境承诺的可信信号,从而获得投资者的认可和支持。

2. 绿色债券在自然环境对公司运营具有重要财务影响的行业(如能源)更为普遍。

3. 研究表明,发行绿色债券后,公司的环境评级和二氧化碳排放量都有所改善,这与绿色债券作为可信信号的论点相符。

Article analysis:

The article discusses the increasing popularity of corporate green bonds, which are bonds whose proceeds are committed to finance environmental and climate-friendly projects. The author provides three potential rationales for issuing corporate green bonds: signaling commitment to the environment, greenwashing, and obtaining cheaper financing. However, the article focuses primarily on the signaling argument and provides evidence suggesting that corporate green bonds serve as a credible signal of companies’ commitment toward the environment.

One potential source of bias in this article is that it only examines the positive effects of corporate green bonds and does not explore any potential negative consequences or risks associated with them. For example, there may be concerns about whether companies are actually using the proceeds from green bonds to fund environmentally friendly projects or if they are simply using them for other purposes. Additionally, there may be concerns about whether companies are overstating their environmental commitments in order to attract investors.

Furthermore, while the article acknowledges that there are administrative and compliance costs associated with obtaining third-party verification for certified green bonds, it does not explore these costs in depth or consider how they might affect companies’ decisions to issue green bonds. Additionally, the article does not consider alternative strategies that companies could use to invest in environmentally friendly projects without issuing green bonds.

Overall, while this article provides some interesting insights into the use of corporate green bonds as a signaling mechanism for companies’ environmental commitments, it would benefit from a more balanced discussion of both the potential benefits and risks associated with these financial instruments.