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1. Adaptive introgression is a source of adaptive genetic variation that has been documented in plants, and is now being studied in animals.

2. Introgression can occur between species, subspecies, or divergent populations of the same species.

3. Adaptive introgression has been suggested as important for adaptation to biotic and abiotic environments, and for the recovery of ancestral traits lost in some taxa.

Article analysis:

The article provides an overview of adaptive introgression as a source of adaptive genetic variation in animals, with examples from plants and recent examples from animals. The article is well-written and provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, including potential sources of adaptive variation (new mutation, standing variation, and introgression), differences between them, and examples from both plants and animals.

The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided; it presents both sides equally by providing evidence for the importance of adaptive introgression as well as noting potential barriers to its occurrence (low fitness found in many hybrid animals). It also acknowledges that while there have been few convincing examples of adaptive introgression in animals until recently, there are now several prominent examples that suggest its importance.

The article does not appear to contain any unsupported claims or missing points of consideration; it provides a thorough overview of the topic with evidence to support its claims. It also does not contain any promotional content or partiality; it simply presents the facts without bias or opinion. Furthermore, possible risks associated with adaptive introgression are noted throughout the article.

In conclusion, this article appears to be trustworthy and reliable; it provides an unbiased overview of the topic with evidence to support its claims.