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1. Parents' use of technology can negatively impact family interactions and cause tension at home.

2. Setting boundaries, tracking mobile use, and identifying stressors can help parents take control of their technology use.

3. Modeling good behavior, providing other options for entertainment, and being intentional about family time can help parents balance technology use with parenting responsibilities.

Article analysis:

The article "How Technology Gets in the Way of Parenting" discusses the negative impact of technology on parenting and offers tips for parents to take control of their technology use. The article highlights research that indicates how addicted kids are to technology, which is increasing bullying, decreasing empathy, and robbing them of creativity. However, the article fails to provide evidence for these claims and does not explore counterarguments or alternative perspectives.

The article suggests that parents' use of technology may be causing negative interactions and tension in the home. It cites a study from the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics that found parents struggling to balance family time with work demands. However, the article does not provide any information about the sample size or methodology used in this study, which raises questions about its validity.

The article also suggests that parents' emotional response to what they read on their mobile devices can result in more frequent negative reactions with their family members. While this may be true for some parents, it is not necessarily true for all parents. The article presents this as a generalization without providing any evidence to support it.

The article provides tips for taking control of technology use, such as setting boundaries and tracking mobile use. While these tips may be helpful for some families, they do not address the root causes of why parents feel compelled to use technology so much in the first place.

Overall, the article seems biased towards a negative view of technology's impact on parenting without presenting a balanced perspective or exploring alternative viewpoints. It also lacks evidence to support some of its claims and could benefit from more thorough research and analysis.