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1. Energy and agricultural commodity prices have shown synchronized sequences of price trends and large fluctuations, particularly during the period of 2003-2008 and the global financial crisis. This has sparked interest in studying market integration in commodities to understand the close price links between markets and their potential adverse effects on the broader economy.

2. Empirical studies have highlighted the importance of econometric approaches such as GARCH and copula-based techniques for analyzing the dependence or spillover effects between commodity prices. While GARCH models can capture stylized facts of commodity returns, copula-based models are better suited for incorporating features like tail dependence, which is stronger in certain periods or market environments.

3. The issue of time-invariant copulas has been raised in prior studies, leading to two main approaches for addressing this problem. The first approach allows the parameters in a copula function to change over time, while the second approach allows the copula function itself to change over time. These approaches enable a more accurate modeling of dependence structure between energy and agricultural commodity markets.

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