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1. Nestlé India is offering an 8-week internship program called Nesternship, providing hands-on exposure to real-world business projects under the guidance of experienced mentors.

2. The program offers a chance to earn a certificate of experience from Nestlé, Amazon vouchers worth Rs.10,000, and a Golden Ticket for a placement interview for full-time employment at Nestlé.

3. The internship program has different streams such as Field Nutrition and Manufacturing & Engineering, each with specific educational requirements, and interested candidates can apply by completing three steps including an online assessment.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Nestlé India Internship Program 2024 - Apply Now!" provides information about Nestlé's internship program, Nesternship, and encourages students to apply for the opportunity. While the article highlights the benefits of participating in the program, such as hands-on exposure to real-world projects, mentorship from experienced leaders, and the chance to secure a full-time employment opportunity with Nestlé through the Golden Ticket, there are several potential biases and shortcomings in the content.

One potential bias in the article is its promotional nature. The language used throughout the article is highly positive and encouraging, focusing on the benefits of joining the internship program without providing a balanced view of any potential drawbacks or challenges that participants may face. This one-sided reporting could lead readers to have unrealistic expectations about the program and overlook any potential risks involved.

Additionally, there are unsupported claims in the article, such as stating that participants will gain invaluable skills and make a difference during their internship without providing specific examples or evidence to support these claims. Without concrete examples or data to back up these assertions, readers may question the credibility of the information presented.

Furthermore, there are missing points of consideration in the article. For example, while it outlines educational requirements for different streams within the internship program, it does not mention any criteria for selecting candidates based on their skills or experience. This lack of information could leave readers wondering how candidates are chosen for the program and what criteria are used in the selection process.

The article also lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives. It presents Nesternship as a highly beneficial opportunity for students without acknowledging any potential criticisms or challenges that participants may face during their internship. By not addressing potential drawbacks or limitations of the program, the article may be presenting a biased view that only focuses on its positive aspects.

Overall, while the article provides valuable information about Nestlé's internship program and encourages students to apply for this opportunity, it is important for readers to critically evaluate the content and consider any potential biases or shortcomings in order to make an informed decision about whether to participate in the program.