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1. Gerard and the protagonist go to a pet store to buy rats for their plan to release them in Jason's bar.

2. While at the pet store, Gerard becomes distracted by a blonde woman and leaves the protagonist to handle the purchase alone.

3. The protagonist injures his hand punching a wall out of frustration with Gerard's behavior, and Gerard shows concern but also worries about appearing "gay."

Article analysis:

The article "Lethal Attraction - Chapter 7" is a work of fiction posted on the website Archive of Our Own. The story follows two characters, Gerard and Frank, as they plan to release rats in a bar in Las Vegas. The chapter focuses on their trip to a pet store to purchase the rats and an encounter with a blonde woman that causes tension between the two friends.

As a work of fiction, there are no claims made or evidence presented that require critical analysis. However, it is worth noting that the story contains explicit language and mature themes that may not be suitable for all readers.

It is also important to recognize that this is only one chapter in a larger story and should not be taken out of context. Without reading the previous chapters or knowing the overall plot, it is difficult to fully understand the characters' motivations and actions.

Overall, while there may be potential biases or one-sided reporting within the context of the story, it is not appropriate to apply critical analysis in this case as it is a work of fiction meant for entertainment purposes.