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1. On Friday, tech stocks continued to decline due to disappointing earnings and revenue forecasts from companies like Netflix and Tesla.

2. The yield on 10-year bonds decreased by 1 basis point, with the weekly increase remaining below 1 point.

3. The upcoming reshuffling of the Nasdaq 100 index is causing investors to prepare for volatile trading, as it aims to reduce the dominance of large-cap stocks and increase the presence of small-cap stocks.

Article analysis:

The above article from Bloomberg provides an update on the stock market performance on July 21st. However, the article lacks substantial content and is filled with repetitive information about subscribing to Bloomberg newsletters. This raises questions about the quality and relevance of the article.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on technology-related stocks and their decline. The article highlights Netflix's lower-than-expected revenue and Tesla's underperformance as reasons for the overall decline in technology-related groups. While these factors may have contributed to the market's performance, it fails to mention other factors that could have influenced the market, such as macroeconomic indicators or geopolitical events.

Additionally, the article mentions that American Express fell by 3.5% due to lower-than-expected earnings forecasts. However, it does not provide any evidence or analysis to support this claim. Without further information, readers are left questioning the validity of this statement.

Furthermore, the article briefly mentions that Alphabet and Exxon Mobil saw gains while Meta Platforms experienced a decline. However, it does not provide any explanation or analysis for these movements, leaving readers without a clear understanding of why these stocks performed differently.

The article also includes a quote from Scott T. Kronert of Citigroup suggesting that investors need to confirm strength and guidance in order to maintain momentum in index levels next week. However, this quote lacks context and does not provide any supporting evidence or analysis.

Moreover, there is no mention of potential risks or downside factors that could impact the stock market going forward. This lack of balanced reporting leaves readers with an incomplete picture of the market's outlook.

Overall, this article from Bloomberg lacks depth and analysis. It presents biased information by focusing primarily on technology-related stocks without considering other factors that could have influenced market performance. The lack of evidence for claims made and unexplored counterarguments further weaken its credibility.