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1. Ubuntu 23.10 is expected to switch to using Dbus-Broker as its high performance D-Bus compatible implementation.

2. Distributions like Fedora Linux have been using Dbus-Broker for years already, and it is considered a better alternative to dbus-daemon due to its greater performance and reliability.

3. The move to Dbus-Broker is long overdue for Ubuntu, and the MIR request for promoting it to the main archive is currently being processed.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the potential switch to Dbus-Broker as the default replacement for dbus-daemon in Ubuntu 23.10. While it provides some background information on Dbus-Broker and its advantages over dbus-daemon, it lacks a critical analysis of the potential risks and drawbacks of this transition.

The article seems to be biased towards promoting Dbus-Broker as the best option for communication between processes on Linux systems without exploring any counterarguments or alternative solutions. It also presents unsupported claims such as "this move is arguably long overdue" without providing any evidence or reasoning to support this claim.

Additionally, the article does not address any potential risks or challenges that may arise from this transition, such as compatibility issues with existing applications or system instability. It also does not present both sides equally by only focusing on the benefits of Dbus-Broker and not discussing any potential drawbacks.

Overall, while the article provides some useful information on the potential switch to Dbus-Broker in Ubuntu 23.10, it lacks a critical analysis of the decision and presents a one-sided view that may be influenced by promotional content.