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1. Jeremiah Ivan was a skilled VP of Engineering who was instrumental in breaking down bureaucratic and physical walls inhibiting collaboration at Merrill Corporation.

2. Jeremiah was an agent of change with a tenacious personality, committed to excellence and unwavering belief in what was right.

3. Jeremiah's legacy is not only in the memory of his presence, personality, and leadership but also in the teams he built and left behind, setting up organizations for success to thrive even after he moved on.

Article analysis:

The article "Breaking Down Walls" by Christian Idiodi is a tribute to Jeremiah Ivan, a former VP of Engineering at Merrill Corporation, Snagajob, Rent the Runway, and Datasite. The author describes Ivan as an agent of change who was skilled at breaking down bureaucratic walls inhibiting collaboration among employees. He was also described as having a holistic mind that could visualize and understand all the variables attached to a product or project. The article highlights Ivan's ability to bring people together and build exceptional teams.

While the article provides an insightful tribute to Jeremiah Ivan, it is biased towards his positive attributes and does not explore any potential negative aspects of his personality or management style. The author portrays him as a charismatic leader who was always right and had unwavering beliefs in what was right. This portrayal may be biased towards the author's personal relationship with Ivan and may not reflect the experiences of others who worked with him.

The article also contains promotional content for Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG), where the author is a partner. While SVPG is mentioned briefly in the article, it is clear that the purpose of the article is to promote SVPG's expertise in product transformation.

Overall, while the article provides an interesting insight into Jeremiah Ivan's leadership style and impact on those around him, it should be read with caution due to its potential biases towards his positive attributes and promotional content for SVPG.