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1. Environmental justice can serve as a linking theme for community development workers and environmental activists to share ideas and resources.

2. A broad concept of environmental justice should include distributive and procedural elements, dealing with fair outcomes and genuine participation.

3. Constraints on the realization of these goals are illustrated through examples of environmental problems and responses at various scales, emphasizing the need for vertical and lateral linkages between NGOs.

Article analysis:

The article "Environmental justice: a crucial link between environmentalism and community development?" explores the concept of environmental justice as a means to bridge the gap between community development workers and environmental activists. The author argues that a broad definition of environmental justice must include both distributive and procedural elements, focusing on fair outcomes and genuine participation.

The article provides examples from the Australian experience to illustrate constraints on achieving these goals, such as tensions between consensual and conflict strategies and maintaining grassroots participation. However, the article lacks evidence to support its claims about the effectiveness of environmental justice in building cross-sectoral coalitions at different scales.

Additionally, the article may be biased towards promoting environmental justice as a solution without exploring potential counterarguments or risks associated with this approach. The author emphasizes the need for vertical and lateral linkages between NGOs but does not address potential challenges or limitations in implementing such collaborations.

Overall, while the article raises important points about the intersection of environmentalism and community development, it could benefit from more thorough analysis and consideration of opposing viewpoints.