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1. Candice Powell is focused on promoting academic thriving and graduation equity for all undergraduate students, particularly underrepresented students. She leads programs and partnerships at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill to support student success and degree attainment.

2. Juan F. Carrillo uses critical qualitative research methods to examine the role of agency in historically marginalized communities, specifically Latinx students and educators. He is an associate professor at Arizona State University and is currently working on teacher-related research with links to the RedForEd movement.

3. The article discusses border pedagogy in the New Latinx South, emphasizing the importance of equity and excellence in education. It explores the intersections of race, gender, class, power, identity, affirmation, agency, and institutional responsibility in relation to student success and degree attainment.

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根据提供的信息,这篇文章的标题是《Border Pedagogy in the New Latinx South: Equity & Excellence in Education: Vol 52, No 4》。然而,由于没有提供文章的正文内容,我无法对其进行详细的批判性分析。请提供文章的正文内容以便我能够给出更具体的见解和分析。