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1. Nanomedicines responsive to tumor microenvironment abnormalities can enhance therapeutic efficacy and reduce side effects: The article discusses the potential of nanomedicines that are designed to respond to specific pathological abnormalities in the tumor microenvironment (TME). These nanomedicines have the ability to overcome biological limitations and improve therapeutic efficacy while minimizing side effects.

2. Design principles for stimuli-responsive nanomedicines: The review explores the design principles for stimuli-responsive nanomedicines that can effectively deliver cancer drugs. It dissects the transport process and barriers involved in cancer drug delivery and highlights key design principles for overcoming these barriers. The article also discusses strategies for integrating multiple properties into nanomedicines.

3. Challenges and future perspectives in clinical translation: The article concludes by providing insights into the challenges and future perspectives towards the clinical translation of stimuli-responsive nanomedicines. It emphasizes the need for further research and development to advance these nanomedicines from the laboratory to clinical applications.

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