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1. Far right attacks in Brazil on January 8th echo similar attacks on US institutions, both of which are fortified by unchecked alternative social media.

2. Jair Bolsonaro, the far right past president of Brazil, never conceded defeat in the October election and encouraged these riots.

3. Telegram is a popular alternative social media platform for far right extremists, and its unchecked content has raised concerns about its role in global democracy.

Article analysis:

The article provides an overview of the recent far right attack in Brazil and draws comparisons to the January 6th US Capitol riot. It is clear that the author is attempting to draw attention to the dangers posed by unchecked alternative social media platforms such as Telegram, which have been used to organize these attacks. The article does provide some evidence for this claim, such as Pew research into alt-news Justice Barroso’s letter to Telegram CEO Durov regarding conspiratorial and fake news on the platform. However, it fails to explore counterarguments or present both sides equally; for example, it does not mention any potential benefits of using alternative social media platforms or any efforts made by Telegram to address these issues. Additionally, there is no discussion of possible risks associated with banning such platforms or how this could affect global democracy. Furthermore, while the article does mention Bolsonaro’s military background and his refusal to concede defeat in the October election, it does not provide any evidence for these claims or explore their implications further. As such, while this article provides an interesting overview of recent events in Brazil and raises important questions about unchecked alternative social media platforms, it fails to provide a balanced view of the situation due to its lack of evidence and exploration of counterarguments.