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1. Over 60% of the city of Bakhmut in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region has been destroyed by Russian forces.

2. The influential editor-in-chief of state-run network RT (formerly Russia Today) welcomed the Russian Defense Ministry’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deadly Ukrainian attack on servicemen in Makiivka, in eastern Ukraine.

3. France will deliver light armored combat vehicles to Ukraine and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock urged Western countries to continue to provide weapons to Ukraine to fight against Russia.

Article analysis:

This article provides an overview of the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, with a focus on recent developments such as the destruction of Bakhmut, the investigation into the Makiivka attack, and France's delivery of light armored combat vehicles to Ukraine. The article is written from a largely one-sided perspective, focusing solely on Ukrainian perspectives and ignoring any potential Russian perspectives or counterarguments. This bias is further reinforced by statements from Ukrainian officials such as President Zelensky and military personnel that are presented without any opposing views or evidence for their claims. Additionally, there is no mention of potential risks associated with providing weapons to Ukraine or any exploration of possible counterarguments for this decision. Furthermore, while it is noted that CNN cannot verify battlefield claims made by Ukrainian officials, these claims are still presented without any critical analysis or questioning. As such, this article does not present both sides equally and should be read with caution due to its potential biases and lack of critical analysis.