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1. This study provides data of medical facility accessibility for 2859 counties in China.

2. Disparities were found in spatial accessibility to medical facilities at three scales.

3. Eight influencing factors (nature, society, and economy) were analyzed to explore the underlying reasons for the inequality in spatial accessibility.

Article analysis:

The article “Inequality of public health and its role in spatial accessibility to medical facilities in China” is a well-researched and comprehensive piece that provides an analysis of the disparities in access to medical facilities across 2859 counties in China. The article is based on reliable sources such as World Health Organization estimates and other studies conducted by experts such as Abatemarco et al., 2016; Fan and Sun, 2008; Li and Wei, 2010b; Liu et al., 1999; Zhang and Kanbur, 2004; Zhao, 1969. The authors have also used appropriate methods such as Theil index, spatial autocorrelation, GWR (geographically weighted regression), etc., to analyze the data collected from these sources.

The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided as it presents both sides of the argument equally – it acknowledges that there has been an improvement in life expectancy due to improved healthcare infrastructure but also highlights the disparities that exist between different regions of China when it comes to access to medical facilities. It also explores various factors that could be contributing to this inequality such as altitude, slope, population density, urbanization rate, educational level, per area GDP and tertiary industry output share.

The only potential issue with this article is that it does not provide any counterarguments or alternative explanations for the observed disparities in access to medical facilities across different regions of China. However, overall this article appears to be trustworthy and reliable as it is based on reliable sources and uses appropriate methods for analysis.