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Product Manager Archetype
Source: nngroup.com
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Article summary:

1. Product managers are responsible for driving a product strategy that delivers value to the business and users.

2. Collaboration between product managers and product designers commonly breaks down because of role misconceptions on both sides.

3. Product designers can best collaborate with product managers by understanding their goals, strengths, challenges, activities, and skill sets.

Article analysis:

The article provides a useful overview of the goals, strengths, challenges, activities, and skill sets of product managers. However, it is important to note that the archetype presented is not representative of all product managers and may perpetuate stereotypes. The article also assumes that product designers are always focused on user needs and business impact, which may not be the case in all situations.

The article could benefit from exploring potential biases and sources of these biases. For example, the emphasis on rapid experimentation may prioritize speed over quality research. Additionally, the focus on business value may overlook user needs and preferences. The article could also benefit from exploring counterarguments to its claims, such as the potential risks of prioritizing business value over user needs.

The article does provide some practical tips for improving collaboration between product managers and designers. However, it could benefit from providing more evidence or examples to support its claims. For example, it suggests involving product managers in research studies but does not explain how this has been effective in practice.

Overall, while the article provides a helpful starting point for understanding product managers and their role in Agile teams, it should be read critically and with an awareness of potential biases and limitations.