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1. Demographic trends in the DoD STEM workforce: The article discusses the demographic composition of the Department of Defense (DoD) STEM workforce. It highlights the need for diversity in this workforce and examines the current representation of different demographic groups, such as women and minorities, in STEM positions within the DoD.

2. Review of policies and strategies: The article reviews existing policies and strategies aimed at aligning DoD STEM and diversity goals with national priorities. It analyzes the effectiveness of these initiatives in promoting diversity within the DoD STEM workforce and identifies areas for improvement.

3. Current DoD STEM initiatives: The article explores current initiatives undertaken by the DoD to promote STEM education and careers. It examines various programs and initiatives implemented by the DoD to attract, recruit, and retain diverse talent in STEM fields. The article also provides recommendations for further enhancing these initiatives to improve diversity within the DoD STEM workforce.

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