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1. Raw and white sugar futures on ICE rose to 11-1/2 year peaks due to supply concerns heightened by recent rains in Brazil, as well as lower than expected output in India, Thailand, and China.

2. Coffee prices fell despite tight supplies, with farmers in top robusta producer Vietnam having little left to sell and the robusta harvest in Brazil just beginning.

3. Hershey Co expects annual revenue and profit at the upper end of its previous forecast on the back of higher prices and resilient demand for its candy and chocolates.

Article analysis:

The article reports on the surge in sugar futures to an 11-1/2 year peak due to concerns over tight supplies caused by lower-than-expected output in India, Thailand, and China, as well as slowed harvests in Brazil. The article also notes a possible new restriction on Indian sugar imports and an expected delivery of 750,000 to one million tonnes against the May raws contract. However, the article lacks information on the potential impact of these supply concerns on consumers and businesses that rely on sugar. Additionally, there is no mention of any efforts being made to address these supply issues or any potential solutions.

The article also reports on falling coffee prices but fails to provide sufficient context for readers to understand why this is happening. While it notes that farmers in Vietnam have little left to sell and that robusta harvests in Brazil are just beginning, it does not explore how these factors are impacting coffee prices or what other factors may be at play. Furthermore, the article only briefly mentions Hershey Co's positive financial forecast without providing any analysis or commentary on how this relates to cocoa prices.

Overall, the article appears to be focused primarily on reporting market trends without providing much analysis or context for readers. It also seems to prioritize reporting on rising sugar prices over falling coffee prices, which could suggest a bias towards certain commodities.