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1. The recent release of GDP data for India shows that the overall strength of the economy remains intact, with agriculture performing significantly better and services recovering well.

2. Private investment activity looks robust and domestic monetary conditions remain supportive of growth in 2023-24, leading to a belief that growth is likely to overshoot RBI's estimate of 6.5%.

3. As more MSME units are brought into the formal system, this could lead to a credit boom for smaller firms and further formalisation of the economy.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Soumya Kanti Ghosh writes: Latest GDP data: Only the pessimists are surprised" provides an optimistic view of India's economic growth based on the latest GDP data. The author argues that despite global uncertainty, India's economy has shown resilience and growth in various sectors such as agriculture, services, and construction. The article also highlights the increase in per capita net financial savings and predicts a sub 5% inflation rate.

However, the article seems to have a bias towards presenting a positive outlook without acknowledging potential risks or counterarguments. For instance, while the author mentions that private consumption growth has fallen to 7.5%, they do not explore why this is happening or what impact it could have on overall economic growth. Additionally, the article does not address concerns about rising unemployment rates or income inequality.

Furthermore, the author makes unsupported claims such as stating that "half-baked research must not be allowed to influence the narrative around India’s growth story" without providing any evidence or examples of such research. This statement appears to be more promotional than informative.

Overall, while the article provides some useful insights into India's economic growth based on recent GDP data, it lacks balance and critical analysis. It presents a one-sided view of India's economic situation without acknowledging potential risks or counterarguments.