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1. Reports of turmoil surrounding Apple's AR/VR headset project are likely exaggerated.

2. Apple CEO Tim Cook is deeply committed to augmented reality and mixed reality systems.

3. It is unlikely that a finished AR/VR headset product will be launched by Apple this summer, but the company may reveal prototypes at its World Wide Developer Conference in June.

Article analysis:

The article "If you think Apple is fumbling its AR/VR headset, you don't know Apple like I do" by Lance Ulanoff on TechRadar provides an opinion piece on the rumored Apple AR/VR headset project. The author argues that reports of turmoil and dissent within Apple regarding the project are unfounded and that the company's history of building elegant technology for the masses suggests that they will not release a $3,000 piece of hardware that only a few can afford.

However, the article lacks evidence to support these claims and ignores potential counterarguments. For example, while Apple has traditionally built products within market range, they have also released high-end products such as the Mac Pro that target enterprise customers. Additionally, concerns about price and technology may be valid given the reported difficulties in developing AR/VR headsets with high-quality displays and long battery life.

The article also dismisses reports of design issues and leadership changes within Apple's industrial design team without providing evidence to support this dismissal. Furthermore, while the author acknowledges Tim Cook's interest in augmented reality, they fail to address potential risks associated with mixed reality systems such as privacy concerns or negative effects on mental health.

Overall, while the article presents an interesting perspective on the rumored Apple AR/VR headset project, it lacks sufficient evidence to support its claims and ignores potential counterarguments and risks associated with mixed reality systems.