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1. The common tactic of pointing out that Christian behavior is in contradiction with the example of Christ may not be effective as the Christ worshipped by Christians may be different from the compassionate, humble, and forgiving Christ.

2. Adopting the same tactics or concepts of the old society to create a better society will not work, and we need to create something entirely different.

3. Atheism needs to be a revolution of process and thought, encouraging people to consider questions and implications rather than simply identifying as atheist.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the potential dangers of adopting religious tactics and rhetoric in the atheist movement. The author argues that using comparisons to religious figures, such as Christ, may not be effective in convincing believers to change their behavior or beliefs. Additionally, the author suggests that creating a statue or memorial for Christopher Hitchens could perpetuate religious impulses within the atheist community.

The article presents a one-sided perspective on the issue, focusing solely on the potential negative effects of using religious tactics in the atheist movement. While it is important to consider these risks, it would also be valuable to explore potential benefits or effectiveness of using certain religious tactics in promoting atheism.

The author does not provide evidence for their claims and relies heavily on personal anecdotes and opinions. Additionally, there are no counterarguments presented or exploration of opposing viewpoints.

There is some promotional content present in the article, particularly towards the end where the author suggests alternative modes of debate and engagement for atheists. However, this is not a major focus of the article.

Overall, while the article raises valid concerns about adopting religious tactics in promoting atheism, it would benefit from a more balanced approach and inclusion of evidence and counterarguments.