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1. Challenge@PoliTo by Firms is an innovative teaching activity at Politecnico di Torino that involves external firms providing real business challenges for master students to work on in teams.

2. The current challenge is focused on developing passwordless access systems based on biometric parameters, with the goal of creating consistent, secure, and easy-to-use login procedures across all devices and platforms.

3. Through this activity, students will develop skills in multidisciplinary teamwork, information research, and practical application of their lectures to real-world problems, making them more prepared for working in a business environment.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the Challenge@PoliTo by Firms program, which is an innovative teaching activity carried out at the Politecnico di Torino. The program involves external firms providing a "challenge" from their real business, and 30 master students working in teams to develop solutions. The current challenge is to develop passwordless access systems based on biometric parameters.

The article provides information about the course language, degree, teaching hours, SSD, CFU, and activities area context. It also mentions the expected learning outcomes of the program, including multidisciplinary teamwork skills, information research skills, hard and soft skills application in resolving real problems from partner firms.

However, the article has some potential biases and missing points of consideration. Firstly, it does not mention any possible risks associated with developing passwordless access systems based on biometric parameters. Biometric data can be sensitive and vulnerable to hacking or misuse if not adequately protected.

Secondly, the article seems promotional in nature as it only highlights the positive aspects of the program without exploring any counterarguments or limitations. For instance, it does not mention any challenges that students may face during the program or how they will be addressed.

Thirdly, there is no evidence provided for claims made about the benefits of participating in this program. While it is stated that students will be more ready to work in a multidisciplinary team after completing this activity, there is no data or research cited to support this claim.

In conclusion, while the Challenge@PoliTo by Firms program appears to be an exciting opportunity for master students at Politecnico di Torino to gain practical experience and develop valuable skills through collaboration with external firms on real-world problems; however, more balanced reporting would have been beneficial for readers to make informed decisions about participation in such programs.