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1. 疼痛是一个综合性现象,取决于感觉和情境过程的动态整合。在慢性疼痛中,感觉和情境过程的适应性整合受到严重干扰。

2. 不同频率的神经振荡和同步提供了有关信息在不同脑区之间流动的证据。这种灵活的振荡与疼痛之间的关系表明,在大脑处理疼痛时存在信息流动的灵活路由。

3. 对振荡和同步在处理疼痛中的作用进行系统评估可以揭示感觉和情境过程如何被灵活地整合成一个连贯的知觉,并揭示慢性疼痛中这些过程异常的原因。预测编码框架可能有助于我们理解这些整合过程。

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The article discusses how pain is an integrative phenomenon that results from dynamic interactions between sensory and contextual processes in the brain. The experience of pain is associated with neuronal oscillations and synchrony at different frequencies. Recent concepts relate oscillations at different frequencies to the routing of information flow in the brain and the signaling of predictions and prediction errors. The application of these concepts to pain promises insights into how flexible routing of information flow coordinates diverse processes that merge into the experience of pain. Such insights might have implications for the understanding and treatment of chronic pain.

The article also highlights that chronic pain is a disease in its own right that affects about a fifth of the adult population in the Western world and imposes an enormous economic burden on society. In chronic pain states, pain often persists without objective threat to the body. The adaptive integration of nociceptive and contextual processes is severely disturbed in chronic pain.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights into how neuronal oscillations and synchrony play a role in processing pain and how this understanding could lead to better treatments for chronic pain.