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1. Religion and moral argumentation are often used in support of same-sex marriage, and people of all faiths or no faith should be free to participate in the debate.

2. Support for marriage as the union of husband and wife does not require belief in the religious teachings of any particular faith, as many arguments for marriage focus on it as a natural, pre-political social institution intrinsically connected to the vital public interest in the begetting and raising of children.

3. The question of how society recognizes marriage through its laws and policies raises inescapable moral considerations, and it is impossible to have a fruitful discussion of same-sex marriage without engaging normative questions.

Article analysis:

The article "Religion and Morality in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate" by The Heritage Foundation presents a one-sided argument against same-sex marriage, using religion and morality as its main points of contention. While the article acknowledges that not all arguments against same-sex marriage are religious in nature, it fails to address the fact that many opponents of same-sex marriage use religion as their primary justification for opposing it.

The article also fails to acknowledge the significant role that religion has played in supporting same-sex marriage. It cites examples of religious institutions and leaders who have opposed measures like Proposition 8, but does not provide any evidence to support its claim that "religion is often harnessed in support of same-sex marriage." This lack of evidence undermines the credibility of the article's argument.

Furthermore, the article presents a narrow view of marriage as solely a means for procreation and child-rearing, ignoring the fact that many couples choose to marry for reasons unrelated to having children. It also fails to consider the harm that denying same-sex couples the right to marry can cause, such as denying them access to legal protections and benefits afforded to married couples.

Overall, this article appears biased against same-sex marriage and presents an incomplete picture of the debate surrounding it. It relies heavily on religious and moral arguments without acknowledging opposing viewpoints or presenting evidence to support its claims.