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Article summary:

1. The need to understand cultural differences is discussed, and how cultural differences can be analyzed is explored.

2. The authors describe how cultural information was exchanged and analyzed during a library and information studies course taught via the Internet simultaneously in Finland and North Carolina.

3. The authors propose that there are lessons learnt in the common class which can be useful also for libraries and librarians serving multicultural populations.

Article analysis:

The article provides an interesting exploration of the need to understand cultural differences, as well as how this understanding can be achieved through analysis of various cultures. The authors provide a detailed description of their experiences teaching a library and information studies course via the Internet simultaneously in Finland and North Carolina, which serves as an example of how cultural information can be exchanged and analyzed. They then discuss how libraries could use these experiences when acting in a multicultural environment, providing four key lessons that could be applied to such situations.

The article appears to be reliable overall, with no obvious biases or unsupported claims present. All points made are supported by evidence from the authors’ experience teaching the course, as well as from other sources such as Adler (1997). However, it should be noted that while the article does explore both major cultures (Finland and North Carolina) and minor cultures (Sami People and Cherokee Indians), it does not provide an exhaustive exploration of all possible cultures or perspectives on culture; thus, some points may have been missed or unexplored counterarguments may exist that were not considered in this article. Additionally, while the article does provide some insight into potential risks associated with cross-cultural communication (e.g., language barriers), it does not provide a comprehensive overview of all possible risks associated with such activities; thus, readers should consider other potential risks before engaging in cross-cultural communication or collaboration activities.