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1. Nvidia's Picasso AI is powering many generative AI models, including Adobe Firefly and ChatGPT.

2. The use of AI in art and design is growing rapidly, with major brands adopting AI Foundations cloud platform.

3. Shutterstock, Adobe, and Getty Images are using AI to create 3D models, images, and videos while emphasizing ethical use and artist royalties.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the rise of AI art generators and their potential impact on the creative industry. It highlights Nvidia's Picasso AI, which powers many generative AI models, including Adobe Firefly and ChatGPT. The author notes that ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app in history, with over 100 million users, and has been used to create tourism ads and deepfakes. The article also mentions Nvidia's DGX supercomputers, which are embedded in most industries and running 24/7.

The author argues that there is no going back from the rise of AI art generators and that they are here to stay. However, they note that the future of AI art generators can be safer and more responsible than many feared. The article discusses three eye-catching partners that are making use of Nvidia's AI Foundations family of cloud services: Shutterstock, Adobe, and Getty Images.

The author notes that Shutterstock will use Nvidia Picasso to train a generative text-to-3D AI to create 3D models for video games and animation from text prompts. Adobe Firefly will be used to speed up workflow in Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro by creating images and image effects for commercial use. Getty Images will offer text-to-image and text-to-video training on a 'responsible' AI using its fully licensed stock library of assets.

While the article provides some insights into the potential benefits of AI art generators for creatives, it fails to explore some important considerations. For example, it does not address concerns about job displacement or ethical issues related to deepfakes created using ChatGPT. Additionally, while the article notes that Shutterstock, Adobe, and Getty Images are emphasizing ethical uses of their AI assets and artist royalties in mind, it does not provide evidence for how these companies plan to ensure this.

Overall, the article appears promotional in nature as it focuses on the benefits of using Nvidia's AI Foundations family of cloud services for creatives. It also presents a one-sided view of the potential impact of AI art generators, failing to explore counterarguments or possible risks.