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1. Transportation sector is a major source of carbon and green house gas emissions, contributing to nearly one-fourth of the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

2. Governments around the world have adopted various policy measures to promote electric vehicles (EVs) due to their advantages like improved fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

3. India has introduced two important national policies: National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 (NEMMP2020) and Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Electric Vehicles in India (FAME-India), to promote EV adoption and development of supporting infrastructure.

Article analysis:

The article is overall reliable as it provides an overview of the current situation regarding electric vehicles in India, including the policies that have been implemented by the government to promote their adoption. The article also provides a comprehensive literature review on public acceptance of electric vehicles in developed nations, which adds credibility to its claims. However, there are some potential biases that should be noted. For example, the article does not provide any evidence for its claims about the effectiveness of EV promotion policies or discuss any possible risks associated with them. Additionally, it does not explore any counterarguments or present both sides equally when discussing EV adoption behavior among Indian consumers. Furthermore, there is no mention of promotional content or partiality in the article which could potentially influence readers’ opinions on EVs. All in all, while this article is generally reliable, it could benefit from providing more evidence for its claims and exploring counterarguments more thoroughly in order to ensure impartiality and accuracy.