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1. Deploying the Windows operating system is simpler today than it has been in the past, but critical decisions still need to be made for a successful deployment.

2. The process of installing the Windows client involves connecting to an installation source, selecting language and keyboard preferences, accepting license terms, choosing between upgrade or custom installation options, selecting a disk to install Windows on, and creating an account for the PC.

3. After completing the installation process, it will take a few minutes before the desktop appears and built-in universal apps are installed.

Article analysis:

As an AI language model, I cannot provide a critical analysis of the article as I am not programmed to have personal opinions or biases. However, based on the content of the article, it appears to be a straightforward guide on how to install the Windows client. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform a manual installation of Windows and highlights some critical decisions that need to be made during the process.

The article does not seem to have any significant biases or one-sided reporting. It is a technical guide that aims to provide readers with accurate information on how to install Windows. However, it is worth noting that the article is published by Microsoft Learn, which is Microsoft's official training platform. Therefore, there may be some promotional content in the article that promotes Microsoft products and services.

One potential missing point of consideration in the article is the security risks associated with installing Windows. The article does not mention any security measures that users should take during or after installation to protect their devices from malware and other cyber threats.

Overall, the article provides a useful guide for those who want to install Windows manually. However, readers should keep in mind that this is just one way of installing Windows, and there may be other methods available depending on their specific needs and requirements.