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1. The Guizer Jarl has chosen to portray Ivar Ragnarsson, known as Ivar the Boneless, in the Up Helly A’ festival.

2. Ivar was a Danish Viking chieftain and by reputation also a berserker who ruled over several countries and was a creator of states.

3. Ivar led the Great Heathen army in the invasion of England, captured York from the Northumbrians, and is attributed with the slaying of St Edmund of East Anglia in 869AD.

Article analysis:

The article provides a detailed account of the life and exploits of Ivar Ragnarsson, also known as Ivar the Boneless. It highlights his reputation as a fierce warrior and strategic mastermind who played a significant role in the Viking invasions of England and Ireland during the late 9th century.

However, the article seems to present a somewhat one-sided view of Ivar's character, portraying him primarily as a heroic figure rather than acknowledging his brutal tactics and violent nature. For example, it mentions his involvement in the "Blood Eagle" punishment without providing any context or criticism of this gruesome practice.

Additionally, some claims made in the article are unsupported by evidence or historical records. For instance, it suggests that Ivar's body was preserved after death until William the Conqueror burned it, but there is no concrete proof to support this claim.

The article also lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives on Ivar's legacy. While it acknowledges that he was a pagan warrior who died without sword in hand, it does not delve into potential criticisms or controversies surrounding his actions.

Overall, while the article provides an interesting overview of Ivar's life and achievements, it could benefit from more balanced reporting and critical analysis of his character and impact on history.