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1. Kendall Jenner posed in a yellow bikini for a fashion shoot, amid rumors that she had secretly undergone breast augmentation.

2. Fans speculated about the model's alleged boob job after she was photographed with a fuller chest earlier this year.

3. In the past, Kendall has denied plastic surgery rumors, but was recently seen leaving a plastic surgeon's office wearing a full face mask.

Article analysis:

The article from The Sun reports on Kendall Jenner's recent photoshoot in a yellow bikini, where she displayed her curves amid rumors of a secret boob job. The article cites previous instances where fans speculated that Jenner had undergone plastic surgery, including lip fillers and breast augmentation. However, the article does not provide any evidence to support these claims and relies solely on fan speculation and photographs.

The article also promotes Jenner's role as creative director for fashion retailer site FWRD, mentioning that the photos were posted to showcase her favorite pieces from the site. This could be seen as promotional content for FWRD and Jenner's brand.

The article presents a one-sided view of the situation by only reporting on fan speculation and not exploring counterarguments or presenting both sides equally. It also lacks evidence to support its claims, making it potentially biased and unreliable.

Furthermore, the article does not note any possible risks associated with plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, which could be important information for readers considering such options.

Overall, the article appears to rely heavily on sensationalized headlines and fan speculation rather than providing factual information or balanced reporting.