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1. Atlantic Group's transformation and upgrading strategy: Atlantic Group, a traditional manufacturing company, faced declining revenue and decided to undergo a transformation and upgrading strategy. This included digital and intelligent transformation as an important means to adapt to the changing external environment and internal development pressure.

2. The need for intelligent transformation: Atlantic Group recognized the need for intelligent transformation due to various changes in the external environment, such as rising labor costs and increasing environmental constraints. They realized that staying at the product level would not be enough to compete in the market, so they decided to transform from a welding materials manufacturer to a service provider offering overall welding technical solutions.

3. Benefits of intelligent transformation: Through the implementation of smart manufacturing projects, Atlantic Group was able to improve manufacturing flexibility, meet personalized customer needs, and enhance overall competitiveness. The use of Internet of Things technology and integrated software and hardware systems allowed for wireless identification, intelligent error-proofing, real-time data collection, transparent production processes, efficient collaboration, rapid decision-making, and green manufacturing practices.

Overall, this article highlights how Atlantic Group successfully transformed from traditional manufacturing to modern manufacturing through digital and intelligent strategies.

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