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1. Lauren Pope's old glamour modelling photos have resurfaced, showing her posing topless and in revealing outfits.

2. The photos were taken before her time on reality TV show TOWIE and before she had breast implants removed and replaced with smaller ones.

3. Lauren has since reinvented herself as a DJ and businesswoman.

Article analysis:

The Daily Star's article titled "Page 3's calling: Lauren Pope flashes bare boobs in unearthed glamour pics" is a sensationalized piece that focuses on the former glamour model's past and her explicit photoshoots. The article contains explicit images of Lauren Pope, which may not be suitable for all readers.

The article appears to be biased towards portraying Lauren Pope as a raunchy and provocative figure, with little regard for her current image or career. The author emphasizes how Lauren's Page 3 days were filled with indecent photoshoots, which could make even Jemma Lucy blush. This language is clearly intended to shock and titillate readers, rather than provide any meaningful analysis or insight.

Furthermore, the article fails to explore the reasons behind Lauren's decision to move away from glamour modelling and reinvent herself as a DJ and businesswoman. Instead, it focuses solely on her past exploits and physical appearance. This one-sided reporting does a disservice to both Lauren Pope and readers who may be interested in learning more about her current career.

Additionally, the article contains promotional content for Lauren's hair extension business, which seems out of place given the overall tone of the piece. It also fails to note any potential risks associated with breast implants or cosmetic surgery, despite mentioning that Lauren had to have her implants removed due to faulty products.

Overall, this article lacks depth and nuance in its reporting on Lauren Pope's past as a glamour model. It relies heavily on sensationalized language and explicit images to grab readers' attention without providing much substance or analysis.