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1. The Paul Pelosi hammer story has mysteriously disappeared from the headlines, despite a preliminary hearing taking place in December.

2. A coalition of news organizations have come together to file a court motion to access evidence against the man charged in the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband.

3. The courts are blocking details from getting out, suggesting controlled messaging is taking place from a higher position.

Article analysis:

This article appears to be biased and one-sided, as it does not present both sides of the story equally or explore counterarguments. It also does not provide any evidence for its claims, nor does it mention any potential risks associated with the story. Furthermore, there is promotional content included in the article, as it encourages readers to visit Red State for more information and follow Wayne on Rumble. Additionally, there is no indication that this article was written by an impartial journalist or expert in the field; instead, it appears to be written by someone with an agenda who is trying to push their own narrative about what happened with the Paul Pelosi hammer story. As such, this article should not be trusted as a reliable source of information and should be read with caution.