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1. Speed test results don't matter as much as factors like the age and placement of your Wi-Fi router.

2. Speed tests measure maximum speed under ideal conditions and are optimized for good results.

3. An up-to-date Wi-Fi router, placing it in an optimal location, and using Ethernet as much as possible are more important than speed test results for improving your home internet experience.

Article analysis:

The article "Why Internet Speed Tests Don’t Really Matter (and What Does)" by How-To Geek provides a critical analysis of the importance of internet speed tests. The author argues that while speed test results may be satisfying, they do not necessarily reflect the actual experience of using the internet. The article highlights several factors that have a bigger impact on the quality of internet experience, such as the age and placement of Wi-Fi routers.

The article acknowledges that speed tests measure maximum speed under ideal conditions and are optimized for good results. However, it also notes that most people are not conducting speed tests properly anyway, which can lead to inaccurate results. The author suggests conducting speed tests with a computer connected to the router via Ethernet cable for more accurate results.

The article also challenges the notion that people need as much download bandwidth as they think. While ISPs often emphasize speed in their advertising, most people do not need more than 25 Mbps per household member for browsing, streaming video, and downloading game updates.

Instead of focusing on speed test results, the article suggests that an up-to-date Wi-Fi router is crucial for improving internet experience. The author emphasizes that routers have a significant impact on every aspect of home network experience and encourages readers to update their routers before upgrading their broadband package.

The article also recommends placing Wi-Fi routers in optimal locations and using Ethernet connections whenever possible to improve stability and decrease load on Wi-Fi routers.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights into factors beyond speed test results that affect internet experience. However, it could benefit from exploring counterarguments or potential risks associated with updating routers or using Ethernet connections. Additionally, some readers may find the promotional content for newer Wi-Fi routers biased towards consumerism.