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Article summary:

1. The TMA 05 assignment for D810 requires students to write a quantitative report on an experiment, with a word limit of 1500 words.

2. Students are expected to gain informed consent from two participants and conduct an online experiment on change blindness using the flicker paradigm.

3. The report should follow a specific structure, including sections such as title, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, references, and appendices.

Article analysis:

The article provides detailed guidance on how to complete TMA 05 for the D810 module, focusing on conducting a quantitative report on an experiment. The experiment involves exploring change blindness using the flicker paradigm and analyzing data from 250 participants.

One potential bias in the article is the assumption that participants will accurately follow instructions and provide valid data. There is no mention of measures taken to ensure data quality or reliability, which could impact the validity of the results. Additionally, the article does not address potential limitations or confounding variables that may affect the outcomes of the experiment.

The article also lacks discussion on ethical considerations beyond obtaining informed consent from participants. It does not delve into potential risks or implications of participating in the study, nor does it mention how participant data will be protected or used after the experiment. This oversight could be seen as a limitation in terms of ethical transparency and participant protection.

Furthermore, while the article provides detailed instructions on data collection, analysis, and report writing, it does not discuss potential biases in interpreting results or drawing conclusions. Without addressing possible researcher biases or preconceptions that may influence data interpretation, there is a risk of subjective conclusions being drawn from the analysis.

Overall, while the article offers comprehensive guidance on completing TMA 05 for the D810 module, it could benefit from addressing potential biases in data collection and interpretation, discussing ethical considerations more thoroughly, and acknowledging limitations in the experimental design. By providing a more balanced and critical perspective on these aspects, students would be better equipped to conduct rigorous research and draw valid conclusions from their experiments.