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1. Ethnolinguistic Vitality Theory (EVT) asserts that Status, Demographic, Institutional Support and Control factors make up the vitality of ethnolinguistic groups, and an assessment of a group’s strengths and weaknesses in each of these dimensions provides a rough classification of ethnolinguistic groups into those having low, medium, or high vitality.

2. EVT provides a broader and more inclusive framework for the investigation of language maintenance and shift compared to other models, but empirical evidence obtained in a number of contexts points to an underestimation of the actual vitality of some minority groups.

3. Turkish immigrants constitute the largest immigrant groups in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, and their integration still dominates the social and political agendas of receiving societies. Language problems play a serious role in the settlement process, and education is also a major obstacle in the integration process.

Article analysis:

该文章主要评估了Ethnolinguistic Vitality Theory(EVT)在土耳其移民的四个国家中的适用性。然而,该文章存在一些偏见和不足之处。