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1. The article discusses the management of credit cooperatives.

2. The article mentions that there are no events scheduled for July 1-10.

3. The article does not provide any further information or details about credit cooperatives or their management.

Article analysis:

The above article appears to be a list of events or activities that are scheduled for certain dates in July. However, it does not provide any information or content related to the title "Кредит таваккалчиликларини бошқариш бўйича топшириқлар" (Management instructions for credit guarantees).

Based on the given content, it is difficult to analyze the potential biases or sources of bias in the article. However, it is clear that the article does not provide any critical analysis or insights into the topic mentioned in the title. It seems to be a simple listing of events without any relevant information.

The article also lacks supporting evidence for any claims made since there are no claims or arguments presented. It does not explore counterarguments or present both sides of any issue since there is no issue discussed in the article.

Furthermore, there is no promotional content or partiality evident in the given text since it does not contain any substantial information related to a specific topic.

In terms of missing points of consideration and missing evidence, it is important to note that the entire article lacks relevant content and fails to address any specific subject matter. Therefore, it cannot be evaluated based on these criteria.

Overall, this article does not provide any meaningful analysis or insights into its stated topic. It appears to be a random collection of dates with no relevance to credit guarantee management.