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Two Visions in Heart of Darkness
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1. Imperialism still exists in modern times, but manifests itself differently than it did during the nineteenth century.

2. The West holds immense cultural power and uses it to create narratives about subjugated people that are disseminated throughout the world.

3. In order to move past these narratives and ultimately, the period of imperialism that still exists, we need to examine history "contrapuntally" by acknowledging both sides of the colonial divide.

Article analysis:

The article "Two Visions in Heart of Darkness" by Edward Said provides a critical analysis of imperialism and its continued existence in modern society. While the article offers valuable insights into the ways in which imperialism has evolved, it also contains potential biases and one-sided reporting.

One potential bias is the author's focus on Western powers as the primary perpetrators of imperialism. While it is true that Western countries have a history of colonialism and imperialism, other countries such as Japan and China have also engaged in imperialist practices. By focusing solely on Western powers, the article may overlook important nuances and complexities in the history of imperialism.

Additionally, the article makes unsupported claims about the continued domination of Western powers. While it is true that some countries continue to exert influence over others through economic or cultural means, it is not accurate to suggest that all nations are as dominated and dependent as they were during direct colonial rule. The article could benefit from providing more evidence to support its claims.

The article also misses points of consideration by failing to acknowledge instances where former colonies have achieved independence and developed successful economies. For example, India has become a major player in the global economy since gaining independence from Britain in 1947. By ignoring these success stories, the article presents an incomplete picture of post-colonial development.

Furthermore, while the article acknowledges two sides to the story of imperialism, it primarily focuses on one side - that of subjugated people - without exploring counterarguments or alternative perspectives. This one-sided reporting can lead to a lack of nuance and complexity in understanding imperialism's impact.

Overall, while "Two Visions in Heart of Darkness" offers valuable insights into imperialism's continued existence, it could benefit from acknowledging alternative perspectives and providing more evidence to support its claims.