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1. A fast strain-promoted azide–alkyne cycloaddition reaction (SPAAC) was developed by tetra-fluorinated aromatic azide with a kinetic constant of 3.60 M−1 s−1, which is among the fastest SPAAC ligations reported so far.

2. The reaction was successfully employed for covalent labelling of proteins with high efficiency and for bioimaging of mitochondria in living cells.

3. The reaction could be a generally useful toolbox for chemical biology and biomaterials.

Article analysis:

The article is written by authors from various institutions, including Peking University First Hospital, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, National Pesticide Engineering Research Center (Tianjin), Nankai University, Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Science and Engineering (Tianjin), and Peking University School of Medical Technology. This indicates that the article has been written by experts in the field who have conducted research on this topic and are knowledgeable about it. Furthermore, the article is published in RSC Advances (RSC Publishing), which is a reputable journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on scientific topics. Therefore, the trustworthiness and reliability of the article can be considered to be high.

The article does not appear to contain any biases or one-sided reporting as it presents both sides equally and provides evidence to support its claims. Furthermore, all possible risks associated with the use of this method are noted in the article, such as potential toxicity issues due to fluorination or other side effects that may arise from using this method for bioconjugation in living cells. Additionally, there are no unsupported claims or missing points of consideration in the article as all relevant information is provided and discussed thoroughly.

In conclusion, based on its authorship and publication source as well as its lack of bias or unsupported claims, this article can be considered to be trustworthy and reliable.