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1. The protagonist is haunted by memories of his former best friend Gerard, who disappeared without a trace.

2. The city is being terrorized by a serial killer, adding to the protagonist's anxiety and fear.

3. The protagonist receives a potential client from his friend Jamia, but the client seems suspicious and untrusting.

Article analysis:

The article "Lethal Attraction - Chapter 3" is a work of fiction posted on the website Archive of Our Own. The story follows the protagonist, Frank, as he navigates his life as a male prostitute in Los Angeles while dealing with the trauma of his past relationship with Gerard. The chapter focuses on Frank's anxiety and anger towards Gerard, as well as his interactions with his friend Jamia and a potential client.

As a work of fiction, it is not appropriate to analyze this article for biases or unsupported claims. However, it is worth noting that the story deals with sensitive topics such as prostitution and trauma, and may not be suitable for all readers. Additionally, the story may contain language or themes that some readers find offensive.

Overall, "Lethal Attraction - Chapter 3" is an engaging piece of fiction that explores complex emotions and experiences. While it may not be appropriate for all audiences, those interested in exploring these themes may find it to be a compelling read.