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1. Nostalgia has multiple manifestations and cannot be reduced to a singular definition, accommodating both progressive and regressive impulses.

2. The contrarieties of nostalgia are evident in both vernacular and media forms of remembering and historical reconstruction.

3. The interrelations between the contrarieties of nostalgia have the potential for sociological critique.

Article analysis:

As a critical analysis of nostalgia, the article by Michael Pickering and Emily Keightley provides a comprehensive overview of the various manifestations and meanings of nostalgia. However, the authors' argument that nostalgia can accommodate both progressive and regressive impulses is not fully supported by evidence. While they acknowledge that nostalgia is a response to loss endemic in modernity, they do not sufficiently explore how this loss is experienced differently by different social groups.

Furthermore, the authors' focus on media forms of remembering and historical reconstruction neglects the role of personal memory and individual experiences in shaping nostalgia. The article also lacks consideration of the potential risks associated with nostalgic impulses, such as romanticizing an idealized past or ignoring present-day problems.

Overall, while the article offers valuable insights into the complexities of nostalgia, it could benefit from a more nuanced examination of its potential drawbacks and limitations.