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1. Father Joe's Villages humanizes and personalizes the phrase "the homeless" by referring to them on an individual level.

2. The use of language can change our perspective of homelessness and obscure its causes, such as racial inequalities and mental illness.

3. It is better to use phrases like "person who is homeless" instead of "homeless person" to avoid dehumanizing individuals experiencing homelessness.

Article analysis:

The article discusses why Father Joe's Villages does not use the terms "the homeless" or "homeless people" and instead refers to individuals experiencing homelessness. The approach is meant to humanize and personalize the issue of homelessness. However, the article lacks depth in its analysis of why these terms are problematic and how they contribute to negative stereotypes and stigmatization of individuals experiencing homelessness.

The article also fails to acknowledge the systemic issues that contribute to homelessness, such as lack of affordable housing, income inequality, and inadequate social safety nets. Instead, it focuses solely on language as a solution to addressing homelessness.

Furthermore, the article presents Father Joe's Villages as a model for addressing homelessness without acknowledging any potential biases or limitations in their approach. It also promotes their services without providing a balanced perspective on other organizations or approaches to addressing homelessness.

Overall, while the intention behind the article is commendable, it falls short in providing a comprehensive analysis of the issue of homelessness and how language contributes to it. It also lacks objectivity in promoting one organization's approach without acknowledging potential biases or limitations.