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1. Metadiscourse is the commentary on a text made by its producer in the course of speaking or writing, revealing something of how communication involves the personalities, attitudes and assumptions of those who are communicating. It offers a framework for understanding communication as social engagement and helps reveal how writers and speakers consider their audience in creating texts.

2. The paper uses a bibliometric analysis to trace the growing interest in metadiscourse since its early incarnations in the 1980s. The analysis covers all 431 papers relating to metadiscourse in the core collection of the Web of Science between 1983 and 2020, dividing the corpus into two periods following the massive increase in interest after 2006. The study identifies which topics have been most prevalent, which authors and publications most influential, and which disciplines and journals most active in citing the metadiscourse literature.

3. The findings show that academic and business writing, cross-disciplinary, language and genre studies are important areas for metadiscourse research. There is also an increasing predominance of an interpersonal model. These findings may be of interest to those working in discourse analysis and the study of social interaction.

Article analysis:

该文章是一篇关于元话语的文献计量分析,旨在追踪自20世纪80年代初以来元话语的发展历程。文章首先简要介绍了元话语的概念和作用,然后采用文献计量方法对Web of Science核心集合中所有与元话语相关的431篇论文进行了分析。作者回答了四个问题:最常探讨的主题是什么?哪些作者和出版物最具影响力?哪些学科和期刊最活跃?这些发现可能对话语分析和社会互动研究感兴趣的人有意义。

然而,该文章存在一些潜在偏见和局限性。首先,它没有探讨元话语的定义和范围存在争议的问题。其次,它只使用Web of Science数据库进行文献搜索,可能会忽略其他重要来源。此外,该文章没有考虑到不同学科领域之间可能存在的差异,并将所有领域都视为同等重要。最后,该文章没有提供足够的证据来支持其结论,并未探索任何反驳或限制因素。