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1. The bonding properties between textile reinforced ECC (TRE) and seawater sea-sand concrete (SWSSC) were studied in a dry-wet environment.

2. Factors such as erosion environment, the thickness of TRE composite, and the dry-wet cycles were investigated to evaluate the interface behavior.

3. Results showed that the average bond strength of TRE-SWSSC interface increased with the thickness of TRE, and that different fracture energies with different TRE thicknesses had different changing patterns.

Article analysis:

The article “Interfacial bonding performance of textile reinforced ECC and seawater sea-sand concrete under a dry-wet environment” is an informative piece of research that provides valuable insights into the bonding properties between textile reinforced ECC (TRE) and seawater sea-sand concrete (SWSSC). The article is well written and presents its findings in a clear manner, making it easy to understand for readers. The authors have provided sufficient evidence to support their claims, including data from experiments conducted on specimens with different TRE thicknesses. Furthermore, they have acknowledged potential biases in their study by noting that further research is needed to explore other factors that may influence the interfacial bonding performance of TRE and SWSSC.

The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided in its reporting, as it presents both sides equally without any promotional content or partiality. It also does not appear to be missing any points of consideration or evidence for its claims made, as all relevant information has been included in the article. Additionally, possible risks are noted throughout the article, which adds to its trustworthiness and reliability.

In conclusion, this article is reliable and trustworthy due to its comprehensive coverage of relevant topics related to interfacial bonding performance between TRE and SWSSC under a dry-wet environment.