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1. The Los Angeles Community Action Network fights against oppression.

2. They are based in Skid Row but work globally.

3. LA CAN is a member organization and encourages participation in their committees to build power.

Article analysis:

The article titled "LACAN – Los Angeles Community Action Network" provides an overview of the organization's mission and how people can get involved. However, the article appears to be promotional in nature and lacks critical analysis.

One potential bias in the article is that it presents LACAN as a heroic organization fighting against oppression without providing any evidence or examples of such oppression. This one-sided reporting could lead readers to believe that LACAN is always on the right side of issues, which may not necessarily be true.

Another issue with the article is that it does not provide any counterarguments or opposing viewpoints. This lack of exploration could lead readers to believe that LACAN's perspective is the only valid one, which may not be accurate.

Additionally, while the article encourages people to get involved with LACAN, it does not provide any information about potential risks associated with participation. For example, there may be legal or safety risks associated with protesting or engaging in other forms of activism.

Overall, while the article provides some basic information about LACAN and how people can get involved, it lacks critical analysis and presents a potentially biased perspective. Readers should seek out additional sources of information before making any decisions about getting involved with LACAN or supporting its mission.